About Aaron

I specialize in everything from serious(or friendly) corporate voiceovers all the way to zany character voices!

Over 20 years ago, I had a junior high teacher tell me that I had one of
the most natural speaking voices he had ever heard. That stuck with me, although I didn’t do anything significant with it until later in life.

When I started a family fifteen years ago, I began doing cartoon voices. This led me to create performances that ran the whole gamut from voices like Mickey Mouse all the way to Optimus Prime, as well as developing my own original voices. It was then that I realized a career in voice work could be a lot of fun!

Over the next several years I had complete strangers making comments about my voice. Friends and family loved the characters I could do and people would tell me I should be announcing ball games or otherwise using my voice to do “something.” Then, one day, I received a local ad that included a class for voiceover direction. I reached out to more people, did some real research, and I enrolled in the program. That decision redirected my life.

I received all of the tools that I needed to make this lifelong dream a reality. Four years later, I now have my own studio and the training to make any project work. I am a versatile voiceover professional who can do just about anything that my clients need. With your scripts and my “never ending voices,” your projects will come to life!